What is my Earth Bond?

With Deepest Gratitude ...

Someone who loves you has made a beautiful gift on your behalf that will help to change our world from the bottom-up for generations to come.
An indigenous workforce who see it as their calling to steward the last precious forests will be helped to pass on their ancient wisdom that will ensure the regeneration and rebelancing of nature for all life for generations to come.
You are now part of the  Unifying Fields Regeneration programme that  creates human  abundance by unleashing the full healing force of Nature.

Programme Vision

One of our fundamental drivers is to be guided by Nature in all that we pursue. So, when we looked for the best way to practically implement our regeneration insights, Nature’s guidance was vital. We connected with the representatives of the ancestral wisdom council, a global group of elders who have come together in the interest of regenerating Mother Earth. 

For them the connection that they have with Nature is sacred and their knowledge is almost innate. They hold it at a level of purity and respect that is a high human concept which they never lost. They hold biodiversity as the greatest gift and look at the plunderers of Nature with love in their hearts. 

As the trees of the primary Forests have been cut, especially in recent decades, the Sky Rivers of South America have dwindled and their lands have begun to degrade. Their urge to protect Nature on our behalf is what drives our “Teach The Teacher” Programme. We have the most gifted teachers expanding the number of indigenous Teachers across the First Nations who are starting a chain reaction of passing it forward in a wave of abundance and Regeneratng Life!

You too can gift an Earth Bond to someone you care about and know that the chain reaction for good will flow for generations

Indigenous regeneration program

After gaining their confidence and trust over many years, we co-created a heartbased, Community-focused Indigenous Regeneration Programme. Our aim is to begin a chain reaction of self-regenerating islands of abundance which helps those closest to Nature to help all life.

Comprising less than 5% of the world's population, indigenous people protect 80% of global biodiversity