Starting a

Chain Reaction

If you want to spread hope and empower people who mean the most to you, ‘Pass it on’

The Land Multiplier

To feed the average meat-eater it takes 1 hectare which is 2 soccer fields. With a simple choice, the same land can nourish 8 people. It only takes a significant minority to massively shift from animal protein to green protein
Scientists observe that like our closest genetic cousins, we are biologically equipped to be frugivores.
Like the great ape, gladiators were fed a plant-based diet to maximise their strength.

The Health Multiplier

The western health care system is in a state of collapse with many noting a trend away from real health care towards disease maintenance. In recent decades one of the founding principles of modern medicine has been quietly returning through many leading researchers and clinicians who have helped thousands of patients regain their lives.
This is; “Let Food Be Your Medicine.”
The Asian diet was long seen as one of the healthiest. Until 1980, China like most of Asia ate a plant-rich diet and less than 1% of the population experienced typical western diseases. Today, 50% of Chinese are pre-diabetic and 12% are diabetic. As a consequence, the Government has announced plans to cut national meat consumption by 50%.