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The People’s Climate Solution

Glasgow will host the COP26 UN Climate Change Summit in November '20 where a primary focus will be on carbon sequestration. We can now exceed these goals with prosperity.

Unifying Fields Foundation1 (UFF) is helping businesses to lead social and environmental regeneration on the ground in community projects.

Through their global expertise in carbon trading, reforestation and science they are bringing rapid, integrated solutions to bear on the European Climate crisis.

They have now partnered with the LOVE Group to bring business and other partners together in a social entrepreneurial network to teach and apply these solutions within the Scottish community.

Unifying Fields Foundation (UFF) has developed solutions to solve climate change alarm in one or two generations. UFF’s integrated programme emerged from over 20 years of experience gained as environmental entrepreneurs in carbon trading, global reforestation and from working with teams of pioneering scientists.

By working with nature we align with people’s need to generate abundant healthy food and water which can only come in the long term from healthy ecosystems. As one example, Syntropic Farming has been regenerating ecosystems and people for over 35 years2.

Industrial farming erodes soil and as it degrades it releases massive amounts of CO2 into the air. Well over one third of global farmland is already unusable and another half is degraded.3,4 The UN  FAO forecasts the end of soil5 (and crop production) by 2075. This is not well understood.

Two thirds of current atmospheric CO2 can be put back into the soil where it came from by using Syntropic Farming6. By planting trees in the correct context including community Food Forests, a healthy food supply is assured, ecosystems bounce back to life and the micro-climate heals7. When farmers dare to become pioneers on small learning plots they see yields go up, typically by 20-300%. They can also stop using fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals8. So by working with nature they can prosper. But they need initial aid.

Conversion to Syntropic Farming removes net 30 tonnes CO2 per Hectare pa9

By converting just 10% of Scotland’s agricultural land to Syntropic Farming we would sink over 15 million tonnes of CO2 into the soil every year10. That’s the same as 30 Whitelee Wind farms or every car in Glasgow driving 30 laps around the UK - every year11. Scotland’s people can help themselves and easily12 bring our 2045 carbon zero target forward to 2035 and lead the world.

To book an 'introduction to Syntropic Farming' course on 24 or 25 March call 0800 917 0014. For further information visit  or contact Robert at



“We cannot solve our problems
with the same kind of thinking which created them.”

Albert Einstein



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All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds we sow today