Our Purpose

Are you overwhelmed by the destruction of nature?

Have you ever wondered who is in charge of the planet?

How could our self-interest drive the next green revolution?

What if a profound answer is already available that deeply empowers all of us?

How would it feel if you knew that you were the one in charge?

Are you ready to find out just how simple and compelling the path beyond sustainability is?

The purpose of Unifying Fields is to restore the connection between man and nature. Climate change, deforestation, land-and soil degradation and the decline of humanity’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are all aspects of our lost Natural connection.

To address all these challenges Unifying Fields has developed an inclusive  approach  which empowers individuals to make a unique and lasting contribution. This refreshing action perspective saves money, rebalances our climate, restores our planet and improves the health of every individual, family and company. 

“The Meaning of Life is to find your Purpose, 
the Purpose of Life is to give it away”
Pablo Picasso

Reclaiming Our Power

Part 1 - Our Climate

Are we sure we know it all?
Is anyone truly listening to nature?
See how simply we can renature together

Part 2 - Our Planet

The entire world can be fed twice, today
We can regenerate Earth easily
Our guides are waiting

Part 3 - Our Health

High quality longevity is simply chosen
Caring for your health restores the planet
Bottom-up action solves the top-down crises


 Unifying Fields is a Global Non-Profit Foundation
registered in the Netherlands

Copyright © Unifying Fields Foundation 2018


Yes, I want to add my weight to the biggest lever
for personal and global change in human history
– join me up