Our Dream

Seeing the opportunity to connect with the wisdom and power of Nature, we founded the Unifying Fields Foundation to shine a light on our way forward.

Ever since then we have been amazed and humbled at what unfolded. Our dream of a simple yet deeply inspirational and fully comprehensive path for all life has been revealed. We are eager to engage all those who want to share in this beautiful energetic shift.

Our Team


Kees Hoogendijk

My passion is to learn how nature works and to apply this knowledge to connect with people, restore ecosystems around the world and create a new class of energy technologies”.

Aletta Scheepstra

I am inspired to create a tangible experience of the subtle reality of the natural world that we are immersed in, through the expression of my feelings and thoughts in images and words. Our natural world is innately beautiful, bountiful, alive, sentient, intelligent, coherent and constantly evolving.
Foto Frank Nagel

Frank Nagel


Robert Yarr

Our real treasure awaits when we move past the finite and access the infinite through the Unifying Field and it is beyond measure.
I am here to midwife the birth of a new humanity.
Susanne-Original-261 wide

Susanne Hovmand

My dream is to regenerate nature and manifest unity, abundance and well-being for all species and elemental kingdoms on earth starting from the spirit within.