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Our founders unite their passion for bringing forward natural abundance in a more conscious world

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Board Chairman

Herman Wijffels

Herman Wijffels (1942) was appointed as professor of Sustainability and Societal Change at the Utrecht Sustainability Institute(USI) of Utrecht University since 2009.

Wijffels studied economics at Tilburg University. He worked at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture & Fishery and subsequently as secretary general of the Dutch Christian Employers Association (NCW).

In 1981 he joined Rabobank as an executive director and was appointed Chair of the Executive Board in 1986. In 1999 he followed his appointment as Chairman of the Social-Economic Council (SER). From 2006 to 2008 Wijffels was executive director at the World Bank in Washington DC.

Herman Wijffels also served on a number of Boards in both the public and private sector, such as president of the Association ‘Natuurmonumenten’, the Board of Tilburg University and the Supervisory Boards of the ‘Rijksmuseum’, Utrecht University Medical Centre and TNO, as well as the corporate Boards of DSM and SHV.



Kees Hoogendijk

Kees (born 1946) received his Masters degree in chemical engineering from the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands in 1970. He held several senior positions in the oil and chemical industry in the Netherlands and the UK prior to cofounding a petrochemicals trading company (LOGA) 1985. In 1992 LOGA was bought by ENRON, an oil and gas company in the USA.

After having worked for two years in the head office of ENRON in Houston, Kees decided to leave ENRON in 1994 to start his own venture capital firm KEGADO, a company which focussed on implementing solutions addressing climate change.

In 2002 KEGADO co-founded the Climate Neutral Group (CNG), a company which markets CO2 certificates originating from reforestation projects in Africa, South- East Asia and South America, which were created by the FACE Foundation, which started these projects in 1990. In 2009 KEGADO co-founded FACE the FUTURE, a company which executes forest restoration projects worldwide, continuing and expanding the activities of the FACE Foundation. During the period 2014-2016 Kees was CEO of FACE The FUTURE.

In this period it became obvious to Kees that the restoration of nature is of great importance to the future of our civilisation. The large scale deforestation that took place in the last 100 years is the main cause of climate change. The increased incidence of droughts, floods, hurricanes, land-slides, forest fires and climate change is a direct consequence of deforestation.

The deforestation is the result of the increase in animal farming across the world. As the world population grows and affluence rises more meat is produced. This puts further pressure on forests and agricultural lands. This will inevitably lead to local and global water, food and refugee crises in the years to come, unless we take appropriate and decisive action as soon as possible.

By unifying detailed scientific research in many diverse fields of science Kees was able to find a relative simple solution to all these complex challenges. In 2017 Kees co-founded the Unifying Fields Foundation to start a new grass-roots movement by inviting people to restore nature while at the same time making a lifestyle switch to a whole food plant based lifestyle.

Robert Yarr

Robert was born in 1961 in Paisley, Scotland. He graduated in Electronics and Electronics Engineering with Engineering Management from the University of Glasgow in 1985. He held several senior positions in manufacturing before specialising in global business transformation consulting with Ernst & Young. In 2000 he started a cloud computing company and in 2006 he started to offer private consultancy.

He began to study the science of consciousness and founded Peacemasters then co-founded Tomtom.tv to allow conscious authors to bring inspiration to their worldwide audience. The first globally interactive audience event was launched on a 2007 tour. Tomtom.tv then supported the largest global meditation event from 200 sacred sites in 2012.

Robert and Kees met while he was co-producing a conscious wellbeing event, and in 2012 they joined forces to work on the Vital4Life Foundation, which developed many of the early foundations for their later work together.

In 2014 Robert helped launch Foundation VIE working with a conscious birthing leader and former UN technical advisor to create a global shift in conscious wellbeing. The ‘Birthing the New Humanity Programme’ is currently being developed for health ministries in China, India and Africa. A UK report states that this subject “is as important as the defence of the realm”.

Robert co-founded Unifying Fields in 2017 where a new perspective on climate change has led to new insights and the creation of simple solutions, which create far more than climate change mitigation. They also effectively address a large number of other profound challenges, such as the global water, food and migrant crises, which are worsening at this time. In fact most UN Sustainable Development Goals are radically influenced when these integral solutions are implemented.

Alliances with key indigenous leaders have propelled the art of the possible forward with deeper insights and greater alliances than were previously understood. Robert sees the unification of the non-physical with the physical world as key to our collective evolutionary shift.

Martin Armitage-Smith

Martin (born 1963) graduated from Cambridge University in Arabic & Islamic Studies in 1986. He then worked in the financial services industry for 25 years, including 13 years at Citibank in Proprietary Trading, during which he ran a Number 1-rated market analysis team.

Martin has studied, lived and worked in North and East Africa, and his wife is from Kenya. This led to him setting up ESL (East Africa Ltd), a music events business, in Tanzania in 2004, which then moved to Kenya in 2005. In 2008 he co-founded Motherland Entertainment which helped launch the international careers of young African musicians, and which later signed the Senegalese star Youssou Ndour. Martin is involved in other collaborations in Senegal in the fields of music and tourism.

In 2016 he was awarded a Master’s in Psychosynthesis Coaching from Middlesex University. His thesis was on Impacts on Identity arising from British Colonialism. Psychosynthesis is a psycho-spiritual psychology which affirms many different levels within the human being. He currently works as a Life Coach, coaching individuals and couples who are seeking to express themselves more completely and meaningfully in the world. He is also co-founder of a Men’s Circle, which works with the Sacred Masculine and Feminine principles.

Martin’s forthcoming book examines the interlinked systemic crises currently affecting the world through the story of the western psyche. He looks at the very many manifestations of a ‘split’ in the modern mind and goes in search of its roots. He traces these back to Ancient Greece and beyond, and observes how these harden from the Dark Ages through Colonialism, Slavery and Enlightenment, through the 20th Century’s two world wars and up to the present day. He argues that there is a deeply entrenched and largely unconscious, trans-generational pattern at work in the western psyche which is projecting its inner entropic state onto the outside world. While this can be healed (and the book includes self-help exercises for tackling our own unconscious splits) the times we’re living in call for right action. Martin sees the work of Unifying Fields as very much addressing these systemic crises: in seeking to restore the Biotic Pump not only is it consciously reversing the grave and barely understood impact of colonialism on the environment, but it is also offering thereby a remedial pathway for many of the other psychological afflictions that colonialism left in its wake.

Board Advisor

Josha van der Beek

Josha van der Beek (1980) works as a sustainability and circular economy consultant at a large Dutch distribution system operator - Alliander. She gained several degrees in ecology in The Netherlands and South Africa, specialising in large-scale ecosystems.

Watching the movie “The Bear” in a theater at 7 years of age, kindled a burning passion for nature. She was so struck by the beauty and force of the wilderness in that movie, it became almost an obsession. Waking up and falling asleep with a fire burning inside; fantasising about humankind living in balance with nature. This fire never let her go and she is still driven by it every day, focusing on creating impact towards a more sustainable future on this earth.

As an ecologist it is almost natural for her to oversee the complete system of which something is a part. Everything is intertwined; actions create reactions like a cascade effect. She therefore not only sees connections but specifically creates them to build a more intricate and therefore resilient (eco)system of people, talents, ambitions and ideals, professions and initiatives. In this way she hopes the path towards a sustainable future can evolve and real paradigm shifts can take place.



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