towards a new way of being human

the wisdom of heaven on earth

The mission of Unifying Fields is to support the restoration of natural balance around the world in harmony with the principles of Nature. From our combined decades of observing Nature and her sciences, we noticed some remarkable similarities in the inner workings of the fields of climate change, deforestation and ancient wisdom.

We are now embarked on a masterfully guided journey that acknowledges the deeper secrets of Nature. Working with Gaia’s most elemental energies we have created a conscious container that beautifully nurtures the emergence of a new way of being human. This begins with cultivating our inner and outer nature while also birthing a new energy paradigm to allow a graceful transition for all humanity.



Kees Hoogendijk

Science and Technology

My passion is to learn how nature works and to apply this knowledge to connect with people, restore ecosystems around the world and create a new class of energy technologies.


Robert Yarr

Indigenous Liaison

Our real treasure awaits when we move past the finite and access the infinite through the Unifying Field and it is beyond measure. I am here to midwife the birth of a new humanity.


Frank Nagel


Climate change needs to be addressed by taking the chances to renew our systems towards sustainable agriculture and energy production.


Susanne Hovmand

Advisory Board,
Land Regeneration

My dream is to regenerate nature and manifest unity, abundance and well-being for all species and elemental kingdoms on earth starting from the spirit within.

Our Funders

We contribute to each others dreams.

Our Circles and Networks

Together we can.