The Unifying Fields
Regeneration Program

Working with those who are closest to nature that's generating a positive,
self-perpetuating chain reaction to benefit all life
The Green Geysers

Starting from our European Syntropic Agroforestry pilot in 2022, we have learned much from the global masters of rainforest, land and climate revitalisation.

Following the launch of the award-winning scientific documentary ‘Rivers Above the Canopy’, our leading-edge scientific allies revealed a great piece of Amazonian research work. They demonstrated the dramatic scale that forest impact has on global climate regulation and how it dwarfs all other factors. This gives rise to the inspiring fact that a small effort in aligned forest regeneration has a massive impact on our collective future.

To this end, the UFF regeneration program has been constructed to take care of those who are closest to the last surviving rainforests and who are responsible for 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

Gifting For Life

Unifying Fields has established a gifting program that will directly assist those closest to nature including the world’s first indigenous parliament in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The program includes:

  • A historic gathering of all the tribal leaders to organise the regeneration program
  • The engagement of Ernst Gotsch, founder of Syntropic Agroforestry
  • A deep rainforest survey by Ernst to discover the specific problems they face
  • A ‘Teach-The-Teacher’ program to let all tribes learn how to regenerate their forest
  • A ‘Return to the land’ program to bring the young indigenous back from the cities
  • Full water restoration on arid lands as the trees begin to make rains return
  • Food independence as soils return to health and yields become abundant
  • Basic hand tools to speed up the time to self-sufficiency and land regeneration
  • Reporting on progress by the Ancient wisdom councils in each region
1 hectare at a time

The First Nations are working on the basis of healing the Earth one hectare at a time.

The world’s poorest family farmers make up the majority of the world’s food supply. By empowering the indigenous communities to restore their lands to forests, often by regrowing them from existing primary forest, we start a highly effective multiplier effect.

A single hectare of regenerated Food Forest feeds dozens of families for generations, rebalances the micro-climate and has the same cooling capacity as …