The Earth Bond

The Earth Bond is a new value proposition based on the principle laws of nature. It is a signpost on the road towards a time and space in which humanity lives in closer harmony with nature.

The Earth Bond is based on the underlying value of an entirely new class of superior technologies manifested through the creation of a new state of matter. This highly structured phase exists in and beyond the three phases of matter. In physics it is called a superconductive state of matter. In quantum physics it is called the fourth state of matter. In philosophy it is called the divination of matter. This creates a new bond between Man and the Earth.


A new class of technologies has been developed through the application of a quantum wave function. This Wave has been proven to create Room Temperature Superconductivity (RTS) in all materials and all phases. In science this is called the ‘Fourth State of Matter’.

The science to create this new state of matter has been researched for more than 100 years after its discovery in 1917 by the Dutch scientist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes. The key to RTS was found a couple of years ago by members of the Unifying Fields and Restoration Power Science Collective.

The application of the new wave function will make energy generation, energy transmission and energy storage significantly more efficient when compared with existing technologies. Peer reviewed articles have been published recently in scientific journals validating the efficacy of the new wave guided technologies. 

The revenues generated by the implementation of this entirely new class of technologies in our society in the near future will be applied to the restoration of ecosystems and to regenerative agriculture.

The Nickel Fractal

The quantum wave function is related to the golden mean ratio and creates fractal structures in matter. These structures enable atoms and electrons to be closer together in highly organized coherent geometrical patters. 


A beautiful nickel fractal appeared after one of our wave experiments and has become the first image to appear on our Earth Bonds.

The Earth Bond is created to serve as a funding mechanism to accelerate the development and deployment of new technologies in our global society.

There are two types of Earth Bonds. The first type has the characteristics of a loan to Restoration Power Corporation. The second type is a gift to family, friends and co-workers and is embodied through a certificate which is send to the receiver of the certificate by the Unifying Fields Foundation.