About Us


The Unifying Fields Foundation addresses the challenges of our times – climate change, deforestation, unsustainable practices in general – by defining comprehensive approaches based on a multidisciplinary/multi-faceted understanding of all the processes that affect the geosphere, the biosphere, and the global society of humans.

After 22 years of studying Nature and her sciences, we noticed some remarkable similarities in the inner workings of these fields. Closer observation revealed what we now acknowledge to be the deeper secrets of Nature. From this deeper understanding, we formulated for ourselves the guidelines that will enable the design and development of a large range of new technologies which are all in harmony with nature.


The mission of UFF is to restore ecosystems all around the world in harmony with the principles of Nature.

Focus areas/objectives
Realizing our mission involves the creation of farmer and community based natural regeneration projects. It also involves the creation of large reforestation projects at the coastlines of all continents with the aim to revitalise the global water cycle and increase the cooling capacity of the planet.

Furthermore, we are developing and introducing a new class of energy technologies beyond fossil fuels, traditional nuclear fission, water, wind and solar power.

Restoration Power

UFF has a subsidiary company Restoration Power, which works with inventors all over the world, to validate their inventions and uses conscious capital to develop and implement these technologies in our society in collaboration with aligned partners.