the magic of forests

Forests perform amazing miracles which science is gradually revealing.

the story of trees

About 400 million years ago the first plants, bushes and trees arrived on the landmass of the earth. Since then biodiversity, fertile soils, rivers, clouds, rain, the climate and life, as we know it, evolved on Earth. Before the trees came the earth was hot, inhospitable and the CO2 level the atmosphere was about 20 times the level of today. Trees have done a miraculous job in cooling the atmosphere, reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and much more.


Over the last 50 years scientists have discovered many other miracles which trees and forests perform. We now know that they are the most important climate regulators, they transport water from the oceans to the landmass (the sky-rivers), they cool the environment, they create their own rain, they store water in their root systems, they host bacteria in the soils and more.


Please take a look at our tree and learn about what more a tree can do for us.