Every gift is a wish for happiness

Earth Bond Gift Cards

In the spirit of the Christmas lies the wonderful gift of invoking feelings of enchantment, love and light from all of us. Sending Earth Bond Gift Cards for the holidays helps our love for Nature to grow into an understanding of our Earth Bond and the sacredness of all life.


In the Regeneration Program teachers of land regeneration approaches collaborate with the indigenous peoples in the rainforests to regenerate earth in harmony with Nature. The program is supported by the Earth Bond Community.

rekindle your connection with nature

Let yourself be inspired to new ways of conducting your life by supporting the regeneration program with teachers who live and work in concert with Nature’s intelligences.

earth stewardship

Over the course of many years, we established a heart based, community-focused collaboration with the indigenous people of the Amazon. The indigenous have always been earth stewards on our behalf. Their understanding of the sacredness of life is key to the regeneration process.

Rekindle your connection with Nature

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